Recovery Walk Cape Town turns SIX!

2020 finds us in a pandemic and the realities of COVID-19 and South Africa's Government Regulations have reshaped our lives. It is a hard and challenging time. A sad and devastating time for anyone who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19 and we extend our condolences. For those who are recovering from Covid-19 we wish you well.


The RWCT2020 team will bring the recovery walk to you! We will stop in seven areas around Cape Town with speakers and shares, information, free RWCT2020 stickers, with the RWCT2020 T-shirts for sale.

We will raise our voices to continue showing that recovery voices count.


We celebrate our own recoveries and our loved ones recoveries

showing that everybody knows and loves someone in recovery.

Celebrating recovery from

alcoholism, drug and process addictions,

mental illnesses and all forms of abuse.

Join us! Drive with us! 

Being in recovery is not a requirement to be part of the RWCT Recovery Drive 2020.

Being a recovery supporter is!

This is an opportunity for anyone in recovery, their family and friends to show up and shout out for recovery. It is an opportunity for anyone who works in the field of healthcare to join in and celebrate together to show that we can and do recover.

By Celebrating Recovery Our Voices Are Stronger


We show that recovery from alcoholism, drug and process addictions, mental illnesses and all forms of abuse is a lived reality in millions of people’s lives here in Cape Town and throughout the world.


We show that we are real people and that there are a diversity of recovery solutions.


We counter the shame and stigma and to challenge any public attempt to dehumanise, objectify and demonise people with alcoholism, drug and process addictions and mental illnesses.


We celebrate our own and other’s recoveries, to recognise the people who work within the field of healthcare and to show our solidarity with international recovery movements.

Join Us

We are inspired by the Global Recovery Movement that claims September as its month. This has been happening for 31 years where recovery is highlighted, where to find help is highlighted and where recovery voices are heard.


Join us! Drive with us! as we celebrate recovery at the sixth annual RWCT Recovery Drive 2020!


The RWCT Recovery Drive 2020 will stop in seven places around Cape Town. 

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