How Do I Register? FAQ

Register to let us know if you would like to:

Walk the 4th Annual Recovery Walk in Cape Town.

Attend the FREE screening to walkers.

Don’t Hide The Madness – Cape Town, SA
Skid Row Marathon
 – Los Angeles, USA 

Buy a 2018 Recovery Walk T-Shirt for R100

We are grateful to Top Events for sponsoring our registration form. Top Events provides a number of services for sports events. Event Administration Online Entries Marketing Timing & Results Event Logistics.

Please go to the Register (link) on the menu bar.

It will take you to the Top Events Registration Form.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1- Must I pay to register?

No, registration is free.

2- Why must I register?

It is really helpful for us if you register online. It gives us an idea of how many people are attending the Recovery Walk and how many people want to watch the free documentaries. It also helps us that you pre-pay for your T-shirts.

3 – I’m not an Athlete!

Top Events has a standard format for sport events that cannot be altered. 

4- I don’t have an ID number. I have a passport number?

Please make yourself an “International Athelete” then enter your passport number.

5- I am GNC or non-binary.

Our apologies we are trying to fix this. For now please click the limited and limiting gender choices.  🙁

6- I didn’t know the Recovery Walk is a race!

Again Top Events provides a number of services for sports events. We are a walk that they are generously supporting. The format of the registration form is standard and geared towards sports events. 

7- Can I pay for my T-Shirt online when I register?

Yes. We have limited stock so paying online will assure you get a T-Shirt. The details are on the Top Events registration form. Sizes are S, M, L, XL and XXL.

8- Where do I fetch my T-shirt once I’ve paid for it?

Please fetch your T-shirt on the day at our starting point at the Central Methodist Mission. 

9- I’ve registered and didn’t buy a t-shirt now I want one and I can’t get back in. Help!

Unfortunately once you have officially registered you can’t go back in. Please contact us at

10- I’m a volunteer. Do I need to register?

Yes please.